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Video Basics: Projection Mapping in Live Events

When it comes to live event design, the primary goal is often to create a meaningful and memorable experience for all those in attendance. Event producers and organizers want the audience to walk away knowing that they have been a part of a truly unique evening. While this may seem to be a daunting task, understanding how to use the right technology can actually simplify the creative process, and there are few technology elements that have a greater impact than Projection Mapping in your live event.

So what exactly is Projection Mapping?

A design technology that is often used to create eye-catching and jaw-dropping visual displays, projection mapping allows a designer to use any stage, building, object or other display surface as a blank canvas. Utilizing design software which mimics the projection environment, a custom video sequence may be spatially mapped onto a two or three-dimensional area bringing it to life. When done well, projection mapping has proven to have a tremendous impact on the audience experience and often leads to a number of viral videos.

Can I use Projection Mapping in my event?

As you begin the process of designing your next live event, take a step back and take a closer look at your event environment. Is there a stage that needs to be a little more dynamic? Is there a focal point either indoors or outside where event organizers desire a unique branding experience? Are there table tops with white linens which could pop to life? Simply put, by allowing designers to create a completely custom experience behind any event, projection mapping is an ideal technology solution. 

Can I afford Projection Mapping?

With event budgets that can range from lavish to cost-effective, this is one of the most common questions often asked by event designers. Whether you are a multi-national corporation or an independent non-profit, nothing impresses your guests like a well-produced event. While it may appear that the size of the budget corresponds directly to the success of the event, that is not necessarily the case. With a vast array of projection mapping options and technologies available, a trusted production partner can assist you in creating the ideal design within your allocated budget.

How do I select the right Production Partner?

Successfully creating a memorable and dynamic live event is a task like none other, so at Elite Multimedia Productions we don’t just provide gear, we provide the most comprehensive production support available. No matter the size of your event, our passion for helping our clients create unforgettable moments is what sets us apart and should be a staple quality in your production provider as well. Having a partner that is truly a member of your live event team, who cares about both your bottom-line and your client experience, should be a top priority in making your choice as to who can offer both the technology and expertise to execute your live event design.

“For our event which was a black-tie dinner in a tent, we really wanted video mapping to be the main visual element in the design. This type of technology had never been implemented at this event before, so to bring it all together we would need a partner who could provide quality gear and service. Elite Multimedia Productions really went the extra mile for us. To have a partner so willing to provide such incredible service allowed us to really push right on through, and their gear was second to none delivering on every count. In working with Elite Multimedia, I really enjoyed their combination of service, equipment and creative design ideas.” Malcolm Greenwood, President Big Events.