Missing Live Events? Here’s How You Bring Them Back in 2021

Throughout the past year, it’s been difficult to know when live events might return. There have been a lot of questions about the future of live music for artists, fans, and venues around the world. But after nearly a year of canceled events, the demand for live music is growing. People are looking for hope, connection, and entertainmentand what better way to find it than through music? Fans are ready to get out and see live entertainment again, and they are willing to take a few extra, necessary precautions to see their favorite artists. 

So, how exactly do we bring live events back safely?

It all starts with the right partners. When live events were initially canceled, our team here at Elite Multimedia came together with Big Spring Entertainment to find a way to put them back on the calendar safely. After months of planning, we were able to co-produce multiple sold-out shows at an outdoor venue in 35 degree weather during the month of November.

There is a way forward for venues, fans, and artists to continue to safely gather for live music. It might look a little different this year but having the right partners with a proven roadmap in place to produce safe live shows makes the process smooth and seamless.

A Socially Distanced Venue

It’s important to use outdoor venues. An ideal outdoor venue should have enough space to accommodate social distancing guidelines. These venues create a fun environment for fans to see their favorite artists, while still safely maintaining distance from other groups. The venue set up requires thoughtful planning to create clear and spacious pathways to seating areas, restrooms, and other necessary access areas of the property.

Prioritize Safety for Artists, Attendees, and Staff

Make a plan to keep everyone safe. Stay up-to-date with the local guidelines in your area and make sure your safety precautions reflect them. Most shows will require masks and social distancing guidelines but it’s also beneficial to have hand sanitizing stations available for artists, attendees, and venue staff members. After each event, consider if there are any improvements you can make to increase safety for fans, staff, and artists moving forward.

Book Artists with a Promoter

It’s difficult to have clear insight into the music industry right now, and it might be challenging to know which artists are looking for performance opportunities. Use a promoter like Big Spring Entertainment, a full-service concert and entertainment promotion company that promotes and produces shows across the Southeast and Midwest. Along with working to secure the talent for these events, our partner, Big Spring Entertainment, manages ticketing and booking 

Choose a Partner with the Right Equipment

In order to create successful events, you need the right execution team. With decades of touring experience under our belt, we have the resources and knowledge necessary to build your venue so you can host unforgettable shows. Our team is able to manage the full production of the event with lighting, audio, staging, LED displays, and video. This comprehensive approach to managing the full production of the venue allows us to make sure the audience has a great experience all while socially distancing. 

Fans are eager to see artists perform again. Make sure you are looking for a partner that has experience producing sold-out shows in this post pandemic world so you can rest assured that all angles will be covered. If you’re ready to bring live music back to your area, now is the perfect time to start planning with concert tour production companies. To learn more about how we partnered with BSE to create successful events or how we might be able to partner together to replicate sold-out events in your area, you can fill out our contact form, and we will be in touch with you soon!