Quality Event Lighting is Key Podcast

Quality Event Lighting Is Key. So Why Isn’t It An Industry Standard?

Live events are the cornerstone of an AV company’s repertoire. Full of multiple components including audio, visual effects, the actual content, and of course the overall flow of the show itself, every aspect deserves attention. When there are so many different factors at play simultaneously, though, the specifics and importance of the lighting for the event can be overlooked or underestimated.

Jason “Cannon Ball” Jenkins, Director of Operations at Elite Multimedia, jumps on the podcast to explain why lighting is the icing on the cake that can enhance or distract from a show.

Lighting can not only make a huge visual impact and create “cool” effects, but it also carries with it an emotional effect as well. The colors used in lighting can evoke a variety of different feelings in the people who are experiencing them, which is why attention to lighting is crucial when creating engaging live events.

“When you hear an audible gasp…in response to something they have just seen, you know you can communicate just through how you use light,” Jenkins said.

This means that lighting needs to be intentionally considered when creating an event. Jenkins mentioned that many young lighting designers may throw out a lot of effects and tricks, but they need to be careful to make sure the choices are appropriate and serve a purpose, especially in lighting the audience so they can become a part of the experience.

The integration of LED video and LED lighting is increasing in the AV industry as well, and with it comes an increase in the styles and quality of content. Lighting is becoming a necessary way to help convey the full effect of content, especially as consumers push Pro AV to evolve its focus on “experience.”