As part of LifeWay Christian Resources, LifeWay Students is dedicated to providing the tools necessary for an exciting and rewarding student ministry. With a series of summer camps that travel across the nation, the annual X. WKND kick-off event is an opportunity for all the summer camp staff members to come together as one before heading out on the road. Held inside the Shocco Springs Conference Center, production designer Jake Brantley wanted to give the 2018 event a unique, in-the-round, worship experience, so he worked with Elite Multimedia Productions who provided a full rig of audio, lighting and LED video.

April 2018

Shocco Springs Convention Center

LifeWay Christian Resources



36 PixelFLEX FLEXLite Plus 3.9mm Panels
140 PixelFLEX FLEXLite Plus 8.9mm Panels
5 PixelFLEX SU-501 Sending and Scaling Units


1 Hog 4 Lighting Console
18 Clay Paky Sharpy
32 Elation RAYZOR 360Z
18 Elation Artiste DaVinci
26 Elation Platinum 7 Wash


2 Midas PRO2 Consoles
4 ElectroVoice ETX-12p
2 Shure ULXD4Q Wireless
8 L-Acoustics SB18
16 L-Acoustics Kiva II
1 LA4X Amp Rack


22 12″ Tyler Black Truss – 10′
12 12″ Tyler Black Truss Corner
1 12″ Tyler Silver Truss – 10′
1 Motion Labs 32 Way Controller
24 ChainMaster D8 Chain Hoist

Jake Brantley – Production Designer

“Elite Multimedia Productions knows that when I am coming up with a design, it’s going to be ambitious and a little different. They do a great job of helping us find the right gear that fits both our dream design and our budget. When working to fill out a gear list, you have to be willing to give-and-take a little bit, and Elite Multimedia did a great job helping us turn our vision into a successful event.”

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