KLOVE Fan Awards

The KLOVE Fan Awards are designed to bring the Christian music industry to the fans. Produced by Go Live Productions and Designed by Tony Fransen, the show was LED and Lighting heavy to create a visual experience like the Grammy and MTV Music Awards. The 2015 KLOVE Fan awards were recognized and awarded two EMMY awards for Set Design and Lighting Design in 2016.

Design by Go Live Productions



30-Aryton Magic  Blade R
20-VL3500 Wash FX
16-VL300 Spot
8-VL3015 LT
18-ROBE Robin CycFX 8
10-Clay Paky Sharpy
12-Clay Paky Sharpy Wash
10-Clay Paky Mythos
10-Clay Paky K10 BEYE
16-Philips Showline Nitro 510
8-Elation 2Lite Cuepix Blinder
10-Elation 4 Lite Cuepix Blinder
2-MDG High Output Hazers


175 PixelFLEX FLEXCurve 8mm Led Tiles
4-PixelFLEX SU-401 LED Controllers
1-Ross Carbonite
1-Vista Spyder

Scott Moore – Go Live Productions

“The onsite support we received from Elite Multimedia was absolutely top-notch. One of the most challenging parts of the production is the sheer amount of cable runs throughout the fly space which can really complicate everything. We do a lot of preplanning of how it all has to be deployed and the lighting technicians at Elite Multimedia were really dialed-in with what we were trying to accomplish. They were extremely reliable and knowledgeable, and they were an exemplary lighting crew that played a large role in making the end result something truly spectacular.”

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