Planning a Big Event: 4 Must Haves to Ensure Success

Preparing for a big event is a huge task that requires not only talent, but also endurance and patience. Pulling off a successful shindig is dependent on good planning, and a strong plan has lots of moving parts and should allow for management of the unexpected. It can be helpful to distill those details down to the essentials. So, let’s look at four key elements that help ensure your guests have the time of their lives.


Before any calls are made or supplies purchased, you must see in your mind what you truly desire for your affair. What do you hope to accomplish? Who will be your audience? What mood should the gathering embody, and what ideas should it convey? Like most good things in life, you must see it before you can make it happen. Part of that vision will correlate to content. To connect with your attendees, your content will be clear and powerful as it relates to your brand narrative and your organization’s mission.

Audience Attention

After you’ve envisioned your audience, you must design an experience that engages them. Exciting and relevant content attracts interest. Once you’ve grabbed them, a critical aspect of further connection is sensory appeal. Research has shown that memories are powerfully linked to emotional jolts. To keep audience involvement high and guarantee multiple positive takeaways, provoking emotion through the senses is crucial. Creatively displayed colors and lights, a comfortable temperature, satisfying refreshments, soothing fragrances, and mood-heightening sounds can be juxtaposed to create an environment that fosters a strong connection with your brand. The more invigorating the environment, the higher the audience impact.


Communication encompasses a spectrum of experiences. Your atmosphere naturally communicates with your audience. Your published information promotes knowledge around your event, both preceding, during, and following the occasion. And of course, nothing makes for a great time like camaraderie, so be sure to have team members working the room—networking, serving, and keeping folks smiling. A major event isn’t complete, however, without impeccable displays of engaging content that captivates and informs. Interactive experiences are memorable experiences, so be sure to integrate guest participation into the big bash.

The Right Gear

Pulling all these pieces together seamlessly means using the right equipment. High-performance paraphernalia integrates all the components gracefully to communicate the intended message, encourage interaction, and delight the senses such that your initial vision becomes reality. Don’t settle for mediocrity when it comes to technology and its management. The wrong machinery could spell disaster for you and your guests. Your event is the product of hours of hard work and dedication, and it deserves a big splash. A careless choice in gear could reduce your splash to a trickle, and conversely, quality equipment can transform a moment to something extraordinary and earn you and your organization a superhero reputation.

Elite Performance

Elite Multimedia is here to help you take your gathering up a notch. Privately owned, their young and resourceful team offers the most up-to-date audio, video, and lighting technologies today. And while they can furnish you with excellent equipment, that’s not all they can do. They want to help you imagine. They want to help you design. They want to help you perform. Elite will meet you at the intersection of your vision and their commitment.

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