How Elite powered up Monster Events in 2022

Regardless of the size, scope, and type of event, Monster Energy has relied on Elite to provide LED screens, lighting, and ambiance as fun and high-energy as their drinks. From global gaming conventions to bodybuilding competitions, Elite has partnered with Monster Energy to supply next-level technology, experience and passion—creating scary-good booth presentations that reflect the ultra-high caliber of the Monster brand.  

As we’ll see through two separate use cases, Monster Energy partnered with Elite to curate showstopping event booths, each with unique requirements, audiences, and specifications. From Esports conventions to bodybuilding competitions, Elite supplied the technology, experience, and passion needed to create presentations worthy of the Monster brand.  

Dreamhack 2022 

The Ask  

In the world of Esports, Dreamhack Convention is practically the Super Bowl. Every year, thousands of fans look forward to meeting up with friends, attending panels, and booth-hopping at what the Guiness Book of World Records hails as the world’s largest gaming party. “Time to go wild!” The event’s website reads.  

With all that excitement, it’s no surprise that Monster Energy has become a mainstay of the event as one of its largest sponsors. For Dreamhack 2022, the Monster booth space would serve as host to some of Monster’s sponsored esports athletes, so they wanted to create a fun, party-like atmosphere to energize visitors and make their athletes feel celebrated. Monster envisioned a bright, eye-popping presentation featuring lighting and a jumbotron LED screen to convey a fun, high energy, and party-like atmosphere.  

The Solution  

To create the vibe Monster was after, Elite set up a raised jumbotron viewable from all sides displaying gaming content and Monster promo videos. Monster had also requested a lighting package that would pull viewers’ eyes from the screens down to the booth. To deliver on this request, the Elite team built a system that hosted five different LED screens in a square. Where the screens met side by side, vertical lighting ladders were hung to fill any empty space created. Lighting was then hung down the center spine to light up the floor. At the center of the jumbotron, hanging just underneath, Elite suspended audio that would play sound effects, music, and host VOG during events in the booth space.  

Next, PTZ, or point-tilt-zoom cameras were added around the booth to motion track gamers and booth activities. All content was then fed into servers and mixed to all five LED scree, livestreaming the excitement of the booth outward to catch the attention of other attendees.  

Along with video distribution, Elite fed audio lines from all sources into the same console. Audio and Video communicated regularly to make sure the soundtrack matched the video as script changes were made. The whole booth was designed to operate like a living organism, with lighting, video, and audio all working together.  

The Result  

The result was an incredible symbiosis of light, sound, and color that left the air buzzing with excitement. Visitors from all over the convention came for the booth’s high intensity and inviting, upbeat vibe, and stayed for the Monster.  

To ensure a successful show for Monster, Elite worked alongside the Monster team every step of the way, from initial design to set up on launch day, to disassembling the build afterward. Thanks to a diligent, thorough set up, all equipment ran smoothly for the entire convention, ensuring a seamless, stress-free event for Monster.  

Mr. Olympia 

The Ask  

For anyone with aspirations in the world of bodybuilding, Mr. Olympia is the ultimate title. The title is awarded to the winner of the professional men’s bodybuilding competition at ZAID Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend, sanctioned by the IFBB Professional League. Winners of the prestigious title include Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  

Monster Energy wanted to use the event as an opportunity to market their special line of drinks for bodybuilders, Monster Muscle. As a booth sponsor, Monster requested a setup that would provide space to set out free samples, help them stand out among the other vendors, and increase their brand awareness.  

The Solution  

For this bodybuilding (and brand-building!) event, Elite worked in tandem with Monster Energy to create a design that not only stood out from the pack but could be repurposed and taken to other Monster events. Elite acted as Monster’s project manager throughout the process as the two teams worked together to process event details, communicate needs, and formulate solutions. Lots of moving parts went into the final presentation, including labor and working schedules, power needs, video graphics and color sheets pre-approved by Monster’s marketing team, but in the end, it all came together in a booth design as strong as a bodybuilder.  

The Result  

Elite delivered on all of Monster’s asks, creating a mobile presentation complete with pixel-perfect LED content and plenty of room to hand out samples—though it was tough keeping up with the large crowds the booth attracted!  

The Elite Difference 

Whether you need a build for the weekend or six months, for a tradeshow or corporate event, we’re ready to bring it to level Elite. When you partner with us, your vision becomes ours too, which means we’re always ready to go the extra mile. We pride ourselves on providing the technology, experience, and passion it takes to maximize your budget and turn your idea into a showstopping reality.  

Create a one-of-a-kind experience.