A Little Lighting Advice on Lighting Your Event

You cannot have a truly successful event without proper lighting. Lighting can create the ideal ambiance, making your space intimate and inviting, or open and inclusive. It can define the features of a space, or focus on the principal elements of a room. The last thing you want is to leave key areas or leading subjects in the dark, so providing the optimum lighting for your specific event is imperative.

Spotlighting is a great way to bring focus to a certain area or individual. Musicians on a stage, or perhaps models on a runway, will most likely need spotlighting. With a spotlight, it’s important to make the audience space darker to emphasize the effect of the spotlight.

Wash lighting is used to fill a space with light and color. It works well with stages, but also with exhibition spaces. While white is most common, a color wash can also be specific to a client’s brand.

Up lighting, where the light source is on the ground, is great for signage or banners—or anything that’s ground-based or requires shadows to be reduced from below.

Gobos can change the feel of a room in an instant by creating texture with slow rotation and color manipulation to what most likely is a dull space else wise. They can transform the atmosphere as well as promote your brand with a custom cut logo.

Create a show! There is no better way to create drama and move people attention with dramatic movements and sweeps through a presentation. This approach will have movement and flashing but this type of lighting may not always be right for your event.

Whether day or night, from a dinner party to a dance party, or even subtle changes during a presentation, lighting often changes throughout the course of an event. Will there be cues? Is an engineer required? Will it be based on timing? Regardless of the changes needed, you must determine how these adjustments will be engineered.

If your event is being filmed, that’s a new set of lighting considerations. Will it be a single or a multi-camera setup? Are there any dark spots? What’s the most important part of the event to cover? Will there be any closeups? How will the camera move? Stage washes create an even amount of light, while up lighting creates ambiance and dramatic effect, and backlighting can provide depth and separate a subject from the background.

Lighting is, of course, only part of the technology package for an event. There is also audio, staging, and video walls to be considered, all of which must be integrated to work together. That means testing everything pre-event and ensuring you have extras available on event day.

In the end, you have to be in control. You have to know how light will spill into the respective event space, and ensure the lighting is an enhancement rather than a distraction. Elite understands the importance of light, producing events ranging from corporate events to rock shows. As your partner, Elite cares just as much as you do about the success of your event.

To learn more about how Elite is the turnkey solution for lighting, audio, visuals and everything else you need for your next event, visit us at today!