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Lighting, Audio and Video Production Helping Brands Create a Memorable, Immersive Experience

Today’s marketing clients are increasingly turning away from traditional media, and are instead investing in experiential projects. “Two or three years ago, clients saw it as an incremental spend,” says Debbie Kaplan, EVP of Experiential Marketing at WPP’s Geometry Global. “Now they’re moving dollars previously slated for media or broadcast into experiential. No one is tweeting or posting about a billboard.” Attending an event or sharing an experience with others constitutes an investment for visitors using the currency of time. Supplemental lighting and audio can play a huge role for innovative brands looking to create a memorable immersive experience.

Elite Multimedia is a privately-owned, leading supplier of the most up-to-date audio, video and lighting technologies today. Here are some amazing examples of where Elite Multimedia has helped create immersive experiences with supplemental lighting and audio:

  • Air Jordan, endorsed by and created for the all-time great, Michael Jordan, is one of the most iconic footwear and athletic clothing brands in the world. To create an impact for the unveiling of the Air Jordan 31 release in Las Vegas, VT Pro Design and PixelFLEX teamed up to produce a one-of-a-kind venue featuring an interactive LED basketball floor. As you’ll see in the images, messaging like “Defy Gravity,” “Explode,” and “Be Defiant” pop from both the floor and the huge video wall behind the basket in a bold palette of red, white, and black. Elite Multimedia then completed bringing the energy of an NBA game to the court by adding pulse-pounding audio and bold graphics to create a truly memorable experience.
  • Converse is one of the world’s largest and most recognized shoe brands. They are perhaps most famous for their iconic shoe, the Chuck Taylor. So when Converse unveiled the Chuck Taylor II, a long-awaited sequel to the original 98-year-old sneaker, at an event held at their South Boston headquarters, they wanted to make an impact. To engage visitors and create a focal point for the event, PixelFLEX created a freestanding LED tunnel entrance. Take a look at the irradiating lighting and attention-grabbing LED video that signaled to visitors they were about to experience a genuinely unique event. Elite Multimedia added impressive audio to complete the effect of being fully immersed in a tunnel of light and sound.
  • Broadcast on ESPN during the NFL season, Monday Night Football has been the high point of the week for fans across the globe. So producers naturally wanted the latest televised intro to create a sense of excitement and anticipation before the big game. To create a unique on-air experience that effectively combines both the on-field action and in-studio energy, the network’s longtime partner, HABANA Avenue, designed a cutting-edge environment with lighting and LED video supplied by Elite Multimedia. Look at the images, and you’ll see that the PixelFLEX LED video screens seem to float, creating the specific on-camera look the producers desired. Add in exciting footage featuring music superstars Hank Williams Jr, Florida Georgia Line, and Jason Derulo and fans are now truly “Ready for some football!”

Major brands are increasingly turning to experiential marketing to both draw in and engage customers. Supplemental lighting and audio from Elite Multimedia are powerful tools for brands looking to create captivating experiences.

Elite Multimedia is a full service, one-stop shop for all your live production needs. But we don’t just want to set you up with the best audio, visual, and lighting equipment and send you on your way. We want to be your partner. Because we’re a privately-owned company, we have the ability to make anything happen – big or small. With a combined 85 years of experience, our innovative team knows how to pair the right technology with your vision. From our account managers to our technicians, the entire group at Elite understands how to give and get the most versatility out of our products. Our passion to innovate and desire to serve knows no bounds. Envision what’s possible with Elite Multimedia.


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