Better Than Lucky, Elite

When lottery app Jackpocket needed a tradeshow booth design for their biggest events of the year, they knew Elite would provide their ticket to success. Working together, Elite brought Jackpocket’s vision to life from initial design to setup, and seamless executions. This case study provides detailed insight into how Elite and Jackpocket partnered together to stand out, capture their audience, and spread brand awareness with a one-of-a-kind booth presentation.  

The Ask 

As an app allowing users to play the lottery from their phones, Jackpocket’s event schedule included both the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the World Lottery Summit in Vancouver, Canada.  

Jackpocket had three criteria in mind going into design. First, they wanted a booth that would grab the attention of attendees from a distance and look approachable from all angles. Second, they needed the design to fit into a 20×20 space without taking up too much walking area. Finally, Jackpocket only had a 48-hour turnaround time between the end of the Las Vegas trade show and the setup of the Vancouver event, so they needed a design usable in both settings and a team of experts in experiential marketing to provide a seamless transition between them. This last request was crucial, as without it Jackpocket would have to double their budget to include two separate setups.  

Why Elite? 

To deliver on all these asks and more, Jackpocket chose Elite for their expertise, superior service, and reputation in the trade show and events space. Elite has worked tirelessly over the past ten years to build a report card of successful event buildouts and solidify our spot as an industry-leading tradeshow booth builder. Tradeshows are a crucial part of building brand awareness for any company, regardless of size or shape, so we’ve honed our event production skills into becoming a top provider of customized, one-of-a-kind builds workable within any budget and recognizable from a mile away.  

A key factor in Jackpocket’s decision to partner with Elite was our track record, especially the Monster Energy booth design for the men’s bodybuilding competition at ZAID Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend. This build was of special interest to Jackpocket because of its fun design and quick turnaround time, but most significantly because Elite was able to curate a booth design that could be used for both the bodybuilding competition and repurposed for other events in the future, maximizing Monster’s short- and long-term ROI.  

The Solution  

Over the course of several weeks, Elite and Jackpocket worked together to curate a special design workable for both settings. Jackpocket envisioned a bold, eye-catching layout that would stand out in the minds of attendees as the show’s star exhibitor. To achieve this, Elite suspended a 3.9mm, 18’ Diameter Custom Flown Halo light shaped like a ring above the booth, equipped with display screens broadcasting Casino-inspired graphics and logos of state lotteries supported on the app. Thanks to the light’s ring-shape, the display screens were viewable no matter where attendees stood in relation to it.  

Elite also provided Jackpocket with a 4.68mm (about 0.18 in) LED light pillar at the booth’s center. Reaching upward from the ground, the pillar visually anchored the design while providing an additional display of the Jackpocket app’s content and unique value as an on-the-go lottery ticket supplier. As a circular display similar to the Halo light, the display screens on the LED cylinder were also viewable from every side.  

Elite supplied the media server, audio equipment, and—most crucially—the hands-on support to set up and fully operate tradeshow production at each event. This not only made for a quick and easy setup, but also took the pressure off of Jackpocket’s shoulders, allowing the team to focus their energy on connecting with attendees instead of managing AV.  

The Result  

As the weekend of the Las Vegas Expo rolled around, Jackpocket was feeling lucky to have partnered with Elite. The hard work and dedication of both teams were evident in the final design, a brilliant glowing tower of light topped by a ring of eye-catching screens. The central LED lighting focused the eye upward, while the video display visible from all sides helped draw in visitors like moths to a flame.  

Although the space was relatively small, just 20×20, Elite maximized every inch, even utilizing the space between the ceiling and the ground to project Jackpocket’s graphics and displays. The design also fit neatly into the required parameters without encroaching on walking space, complying with regulations and giving attendees as much room as possible to gather.  

Thanks to weeks of careful planning, measuring, and adjusting, the booth design was the perfect fit for Jackpocket’s attendance at both the Global Gaming Expo and the World Lottery Summit. Once the expo in Vegas wrapped and the exhibition hall cleared, Elite made record time in disassembling and packing up the equipment, transporting it to Vancouver, and building it back up again well before the first attendees began to trickle in. Thanks to Elite’s fast work, Jackpocket didn’t have to strain their budget to cover a second build, saving them time and increasing ROI overall.  

“We’re super pumped about the final outcome,” exclaimed leadership at Jackpocket. “Shout out to Elite for the creativity, the execution, and the logistical planning. We’re truly, truly happy with the setup—we’ve been calling it our lottery beacon.”  

Though tailored for slightly differing demographics, the audience response to the design was enormously positive at both events. Crowds of attendees stopped by at each, pausing to admire the impressive display screens and to ask questions about Jackpocket. The unique layout helped Jackpocket stand out from the pack, boost awareness of their brand, and connect with users new and old. Jackpocket’s team loved getting to introduce themselves to a new audience while also connecting with and receiving glowing feedback from users who already know and love the app.  

When it came to their most important events of the year, Jackpocket bet on Elite. The ask, a 20×20 event buildout transportable from one event to another, was no small undertaking, but Elite’s rock-solid reputation made the choice obvious. Working together over several weeks, the two teams produced a stunning tradeshow presentation worthy of all the glamour and grandeur of winning the lottery. The Halo light and LED cylinder both pulsed with pleasing blue undertones as images of lottery balls and flashy state lottery logos populated the display screens, a stunning display irresistible to the excited gambler in us all.  

At Elite, events are what we do best. No vision is too big, and no challenge insurmountable to our team of experienced and passionate professionals. With 15+ years of experience in AV and a track record marked by success, we have the resources, expertise, and drive to help you curate an Elite experience.

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