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13 Types of Event Lighting: Brighten Up Your Production

Event lighting is not just functional; it’s transformative. It can make the difference between a forgettable gathering and a memorable spectacle. The right lighting techniques can enhance mood, direct attention, and even influence emotions, making them crucial for a successful event. Here are 13 types of lighting for events that can help you stand out!

LED PAR Lights

LED PAR lights are great for outputting lots of light. From concerts to trade shows, PAR lights can be a nice fit for a wide range of events. LEDs can offer greater brightness as well as several color mixing choices vs a standard PAR lamp. They can spotlight performers or create warm washes of light that add depth to your event space, making it feel alive and dynamic.

LED Pixel Tube Lights

LED pixel tube lights can set your event apart with their dynamic color changes and limitless, flexible arrangements. By outlining stage pathways or creating geometric patterns, these unique, baton-shaped lights add a modern, energetic feel, perfect for tech events or trendy gatherings, engaging attendees with their vibrant displays. 

LED Uplights

Just as it sounds, uplighting is when you place a light on the ground and shoot it directly up. LED uplights are pivotal in setting the atmosphere of your venue. This type of lighting can create columns of light to project the illusion of a bigger space. Placed strategically around the perimeter, they can transform bland walls into works of art, matching your event’s color theme and creating a welcoming environment. LED uplights are also highly adaptable and can project different moods throughout the event. 

LED Batten Lights

LED batten lights are a type of uplight, but they have one unique distinction: wall washing. Instead of creating columns of light, LED battens illuminate entire walls or backdrops with uniform light. Washing the wall with light can make your venue feel larger and more impressive. These lights are excellent for corporate events or trade shows where you want to highlight banners or displays with minimal shadows and maximum impact.

LED String Lights

The charm of LED string lights lies in their simplicity and warmth. Perfect for evening events, they create a magical, intimate setting that encourages relaxation and conversation. Whether wrapped around trees outdoors or draped across ceilings, string lights can turn an ordinary setting into a whimsical venue.

LED Panels

LED Panels are versatile tools in the event lighting arsenal. They can be used to create large, bright displays perfect for setting stages or acting as dynamic backdrops. With the ability to change colors and patterns, LED panels enhance the visual appeal of any event space. They can be synchronized with music to create an interactive experience that captivates all who attend.

Ellipsoidal Spotlights

For events featuring performances or speakers, ellipsoidal spotlights, or “Lekos,” are essential. With the ability to project a sharp circle, they focus attention where needed most, ensuring that every gesture and expression is visible from the back of the room. This precision not only enhances the performance but also ensures that all attendees have an engaging experience.

Follow-Spot Lights

A follow-spot is an exceptionally bright source of light that projects a focused beam onto a specific area. It’s perfect for adding drama and focus at key moments. A technician manually operates follow-spots to follow the speakers or performers as they move across the stage. They ensure that all eyes are on the main action, increasing the impact of crucial event moments.


Utilizing pin-spots is a subtle yet powerful way to enhance the visual appeal of your event. By directing these sharp beams at tables, displays, or artwork, you highlight these elements, making them stand out and allowing your guests to appreciate the finer details of your event décor.

Moving Lights

Moving lights, also known as automated or moving head lights, can move and rotate to project a moving beam of light. They bring a high-energy, vibrant atmosphere to any event. Highly customizable, moving head lights have color wheels and Gobo wheels to give you a wide range of projectable colors, shapes, and designs. Moving head lights can give you a wash, beams, or spots. Programmable to sync with music, these “intelligent” lights can transform an event space or concert setting into an immersive experience, keeping the energy high and the attendees engaged.

Laser Lights

Laser lights can project an unlimited array of patterns to flash and rotate around a space. They’re unmatched in their ability to create high-impact visual entertainment. Laser lights can be programmed to operate in sync with other design elements like music. Ideal for night-time events or music-driven gatherings, lasers can enhance the overall event experience with stunning aerial designs and intense colors. 

Balloon Lighting 

Balloon Lighting offers a gentle, diffused light source that can make large venues feel cozier and more inviting. They can be customized with an event theme or company logo. This softer light is perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere, especially in evening outdoor events. 

Projection Lighting

Through projection mapping technology, projection lighting can tell a story or transform a space with just the click of a button. By projecting images or videos, you can travel the world or change scenes, providing a dynamic backdrop that keeps the event engaging from start to finish.

Each type of event lighting brings its unique flair and functionality, contributing significantly to the success of an event. By carefully selecting and combining these lighting techniques, event planners can create environments that are not only visually stunning but also perfectly aligned with the event’s goals and themes.

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