Get The Most Out Of Your LED Wall Rental

Get the Most Out of Your LED Wall Rental at Your Next Event

LED video walls are the fastest growing trend in live production as they can quickly elevate and enhance any event. No matter if your design is indoors or outside, LED video has the ability to adapt to any occasion and offers a multitude of technology options. Now a cost-effective and expansive design solution, we look at a few considerations to keep in mind that will make sure you get the most out of your LED video wall.

Production Environment

Before we can begin to understand the technology to bring a design to life, we must first understand the production environment. Are we holding the event in a convention center, a house of worship, a ballroom, or maybe even outside on the street? With a vast array of LED video technology options available, understanding the challenges associated with the production environment, will allow you to quickly identify the most advantageous solution.

“This year we wanted to do something a little different, so we started talking about what was possible in a gymnasium with very limited rigging points. One of the challenges was that the highest point in the ceiling is only at 26-feet, so we decided to push our LED video surfaces to the outside of the room. In this set-up, no matter where you were in the house, when you were looking at the stage, your LED visual surface was in the background. It was a unique challenge, but it turned out really well.” Jake Brantley, LifeWay Students, X. WKND Production Designer.

 Audience Experience 

As you start envisioning the design for your next live event, take a moment to look at the project from the audience’s point of view. What type of experience would you like for your guests to have? Is this an educational, inspirational or just out-right entertaining production design? Many times, it can be all of the above, and by understanding how the technology needs to interact with your audience is key to your events success. With LED displays that can be curved, offset, rigging in the air or built ground supported, you can create nearly any physical setup to compliment your vision.

“We really wanted to start our clients design with strong imagery so that attendees could have a more intimate feeling in an arena setting and be more connected to the media and the presenters. The idea for an LED video floor started around some of the more hybrid designs that we had done in years past, and we needed strong visual content that would allow the messaging to drive the design.” Chad Fraughton, Cornerstone Technologies, Co-founder and Executive Producer.

Physical Installation

Now understanding the production environment and the audience experience you would like to create; the day has finally come for the load-in and installation of the highly-anticipated event design. With time ticking until the guests arrive, all eyes are upon you to complete the design, and you need to be sure you have the right installation plan and team in place.

“This was the first year we held the CMT Block Party event at the Schermerhorn Symphony Plaza, and since we are based in Los Angeles, Elite Multimedia Productions was our onsite eyes, ears and hands. They went out to do several measurements and really helped us finalize the layout of the production design. Normally we are a lot more hands-on with our AV vendors, but they were able to take control and do all the heavy lifting.” Marc Burton, Living Color Events, President.

Trusted Production Partner

Having taken into consideration all of the above-mentioned topics, one of the most important elements to getting the most out of your LED video wall is making sure you have the right production partner. As you may not necessarily be an expert in all the nuances of LED technology, you will need to rely on the expertise of your video provider to find the ideal solution for your client, your audience and your budget.

“Elite Multimedia has been our partner for several years now helping us with various events, including our National Dealer Meetings and Conferences. They have always proven to have a ‘yes, we can do that’ attitude, and they always develop new and creative solutions on how to bring our ideas to life.” Sheree Greenhalge, Hino Trucks USA, Assistant Manager Marketing.

A privately-owned supplier of the most up-to-date audio, video and lighting technologies, Elite Multimedia Productions has a combined 85 years of industry experience. With a dedicated team of professionals who know how to pair the right technology with your vision, we have an unconditional desire to make your event, production or project a complete success. Whether partnering with you in a rental, systems installation, or sales relationship, our passion and knowledge to innovate knows no bounds.