Explore Innovative Technologies to Boost Brand Activation With Elite Multimedia

Explore Innovative Technologies to Boost Brand Activation

Did you know that most people remember more of what they do versus what they read? This information is especially useful to brands that want to create experiences. Interactivity or the “doing” can engage your audience much better than traditional copy. For marketers, the new trend is experiential marketing and brand activation.

What Is Experiential Marketing and Brand Activation?

Before you learn what you can do with this new strategy, it’s imperative to know exactly what each element is. Experiential marketing is an approach that uses activities, which consumers can participate in, to sell products. Experiential marketing is a much larger field, and its aims are not as specific as brand activation. It’s about creating an experience that is memorable, leading the consumer to buy the product or service.

Brand activation uses experiential marketing for a different objective—to create a long-lasting connection with customers. From using a product themselves or engaging them in an experience, brand activation is all about generating consumer interest, imparting value to users to become a trusted source. The critical connection is to prove that your marketing content is true—whether that means your cleaner actually gets out tough stains or your software really lets you organize data the way you wish.

How Technology Supports Brand Activation

In the modern world of brand activation, you’ll want to use technology to get your ideas out into the world. Technologies you may consider include:

  • Projection Mapping: Using projection technology, you can turn objects into a display surface for video projection. A two- or three-dimensional object, complex or simple, is spatially mapped, creating a virtual environment for users to explore.
  • Kinetic Lighting: This lighting tool creates amazing designs. Featuring a DMX-controlled motor that lifts a DMX-controlled LED luminaire, moving orbs, columns, or dots of light can change position and can even be programmed, delivering big wow with minimal equipment.
  • Touchscreens and Interactivity: Touchscreens are an easy, effective way to connect with your customers. There are multiple opportunities to be creative and have fun with your brand. For a touchscreen display, you’ll need both the hardware (the screen) and software to deliver the experience. Whether you are marketing a product or service, there are many possibilities with touchscreens—from users testing out how a new lipstick color might look to delivering an interactive, guided demo of a software product.
  • Immersive LED Walls: Many brands are using LED walls to tell their story and invite others to be part of it. LED wall capabilities are only limited by imagination. One innovative example is a solution PixelFLEX, designed for the Air Jordan 31 release in Las Vegas, producing the world’s first regulation, interactive LED basketball floor.
  • Gesture Recognition: This is the science of interpreting human gestures—mostly seen in the face and hands—with mathematical algorithms. Using gestures rather than touching anything, users interact with technology that “reads” the emotions of an audience.

Meaningful Interactions Increase Engagement

When used strategically, technology can support increased engagement. These meaningful interactions, whether through LED walls, touchscreens, or lighting, all work together to create brand activation and leave your audience with unforgettable memories. There are many opportunities for brands to use technology to engage audiences, and your audience doesn’t need to be tech-savvy to participate in these experiences.

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