Elite Multimedia works with Cour Design on a St. Lucia visual experience


Brooklyn-based St. Lucia utilizes the Cour Design system for automatic playback of visuals with a hard-hitting lighting rig provided by Elite Multimedia

Nashville, 6/14/2016 – Since their introduction only four short years ago, Columbia-recording artists St. Lucia have become known for their high-energy and artful music that elicits a number of emotions in their fans. Based in Brooklyn, NY, St. Lucia recently released their second studio album entitled Matter, which Rolling Stone Magazine says “bursts with light”. Now needing to embark on a nationwide tour to support the album release, the band turned to production design house Cour Design who enlisted the assistance of Nashville-based tour provider Elite Multimedia to help them create a hard-hitting visual experience.

“Before we even started Cour Design, we were working with St. Lucia and it was actually their openness to implement our system for automatic playback of visuals that got our business going,” began Gordon Droitcour, Cour Design. “The band has an evolving and different stage design aesthetic than most other artists, so we wanted to push the creative envelope on a design that also works well logistically. Using the Matter album cover as inspiration we knew wanted to include elements of black, white and gold, and with the gear and support provided by Elite Multimedia this was one of the most fun designs we have created to date.”

Getting to work, Cour Design knew that the band is well known for a unique live experience their dedicated fans have come to expect. Committed to bringing them the show they craved, the design team developed a powerhouse production that would give fans a night out they would not soon forget.

“As an electronic pop dance group, St. Lucia is known for their live shows so it has to be a night that fans will never forget,” continued Droitcour. “For this tour design, we have two large, gold chrome frames with LED neon tape running through them that are set center stage, and then we have a black, marble backdrop that is side lit. We also have risers that are peppered with four split cacti, all of which are surrounded by tight beams of light. In a lot of the cities, the fans will go to the same club throughout the week to see various artists, so we wanted this to be a hard-hitting rig that would not be forgotten, and the show looks great.”

With the design complete, Droitcour was now able to take a moment to enjoy the tour design for himself. As fans became to arrive he eagerly watched from the front-of-house to see what type of reaction they might have, and to also enjoy a few of his favorite design elements as well.

“My favorite part of the tour design is when the LED neon on the frames is revealed half-way through the set,” admitted Droitcour. “When the frames do come on, the set takes a hard turn into a full on dance party. While I may have gotten goosebumps at this part in in rehearsals, it was nothing in comparison to hearing the crowd react when they come on, and it feels pretty awesome.”

The St. Lucia tour is currently scheduled to run through October 2016 making stops throughout the United States. With each stop, Droitcour is excited that the band is demonstrating how artists of all sizes can have the touring rig they desire, but he also understands to make this a reality, it helps to have a tour provider like Elite Multimedia.

“For this tour we really wanted to prove that a band like St. Lucia could travel with a production rig that is comparable to those you would only see at larger venues, but we still had to stay within budget,” concluded Droitcour. “I really enjoy working with Elite Multimedia because they see the value in working with designers at all sizes, and are committed to providing you the best gear possible to make your design a reality. They have a great selection of products to choose from and they are continually adding the most innovative products to their existing inventory. We started working with Elite Multimedia over three years ago and every time it has been a pleasure to work with them.”

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