Morgan Evans works with Elite Multimedia Productions

Elite Multimedia Productions helps take over the stage with Morgan Evans

Production designer Norwood Wood works with the Nashville-based tour provider to create a powerful and versatile lighting package for one of country music‘s rising stars

Nashville, TN (5/21/2019) – Hailing from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, singer/songwriter Morgan Evans has a unique passion and energy which has been impacting the lives of country music fans worldwide. Having already toured with music icons Taylor Swift and Alan Jackson, the CMA Award-winner recently released his second studio album “Things That We Drink To” which reached the Billboard Music Top 10. Ready to now head out on a tour all his own, production designer Norwood Wood worked with co-designer and programmer Mike Marcario and created a versatile and powerful lighting design supplied by Elite Multimedia Productions.

“I’ve been with Morgan since last August and this is his first touring lighting package,” began Wood. “A lot of times with newer artists, we have to first figure out what the budget might be, and then what we can do. For this tour, the rig needed to be something that was fast on-and-off deck, but still look good and allow Morgan to really take command of the stage.”

As Wood and Marcario began working with the team at Elite Multimedia Productions, they knew the tour would be playing in a number of different venues and concert events. With the production gear traveling across the country in a single 15-foot trailer, they designed a comprehensive package of performance-based lighting solutions that could fill any house. 

“With this package, we have done everything from opener slots in arenas, to festivals and clubs,” continued Wood. “Since this is a bus and trailer tour, the lighting rig is built around two set carts that are filled with Elation ACL 360i luminaires, CUEPIX WW4 Blinders, and the Artiste DaVinci luminaires, which offer a ton of punch for a smaller LED fixture. It’s really been adaptable to all different types of venues, and it looks amazing in anything from a 500-seat club, all the way up to a 5000-seat arena.”

Ready to take the new production design out on tour, both the artist and his fans would be experiencing something quite unique. Having never toured with his own production gear, it was time for Morgan Evans to give his fans a show like never before.

“As the only performer on stage, Morgan has always been used to being handed a guitar and going out on the road,” added Wood. “This time around, we have essentially doubled the size of the previous tours, so everything is pretty exciting and new. This tour package really acts as an extension of him and his music and it helps him completely take over the stage for a more dynamic touring experience.”

Looking back on the design of the show, Wood understands the value of a trusted production partnership. Pressed for time at the start of the design process, he was very pleased to find a production partner he could rely upon.  

“In the beginning, we bid out the tour package to several different vendors and what we found was that Elite Multimedia Productions really followed through,” concluded Wood. “We were in a bit of a tight spot being only a few days out before rehearsals started, but Elite pulled a great package together in just two days. It was all prepped and looked like a professional rig that was ready to hit the road, whereas other vendors simply couldn’t deliver.”

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