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Elite Multimedia Productions enjoys fun in the sun at Student Life Beach Camps

Technical Producer Cassidy Petersheim works with the Nashville-based production provider to enhance the worship experience behind each camp with a full audio, video and lighting design

Nashville, TN (8/19/2019) – Since 1993, Student Life has supported student ministries across the United States through Gospel-centered experiences that include inter-denominational Christian summer camps. As part of their summer Beach Camp series, they combine Biblical teaching and engaging worship experiences with all the fun of a week in sun. To create the worship experience behind each Beach Camp, Technical Producer Cassidy Petersheim and the Student Life production team needed a production provider who could supply a full audio, video and lighting package specific to each venue, so she turned to the Nashville-based Elite Multimedia Productions.

“I previously worked for Student Life for three summers traveling with the production teams which are made up of college students looking to get into the entertainment production industry,” began Petersheim. “After I graduated college, I was brought onto the Student Life team full-time as the technical producer overseeing the Summer Beach Camps. This summer, we did three different concert artist events with production gear unique to each venue and designed specifically for each event.”

Getting started on the production packages, Petersheim first envisioned the LED video design. Wanting to create a unique visual experience that the attendees had never seen before, she began to play with the idea of viewing perspective.

“We do concert events in Myrtle Beach which normally range between 3000-5000 attendees, and then we also do events in Daytona Beach and Galveston that each have about 1500 attendees,” continued Petersheim. “For the Myrtle Beach production package, we created a design with a 22-foot wide LED video wall in the center, and then smaller LED video walls on the outside which range in height creating a unique viewing perspective. For Daytona and Galveston, the design was similar but instead of having the large LED screen in the middle, we have three different center screens that play with the same idea of perspective used in Myrtle Beach.”

With the LED video design in place, it was time to complete the lighting and audio package as well. Working again with the team at Elite Multimedia Productions, Petersheim was easily able to find the exact solutions needed to enhance the full worship environment.

“For each event, we also have full lighting and audio packages that tour with us as well,” added Petersheim. “Once we had the idea of the LED video in place, we worked with Elite Multimedia to see how we could augment each lighting design to make the productions even more effective. We used a lot of the Elation Platinum 7 Wash luminaires that have a great zoom range, as well as lot of Clay Paky Sharpy’s that are powerful and able to cut through the video and haze. For the LED video, we travel with the 12.5mm FLEXCurtain which is a really durable technology and perfect for helping college-level technicians get experience working with HD video.”

Heading out now on the 2019 Summer Beach Camp series, the technical teams are put to the test to bring each design to life. Often working a number of different jobs at each camp, the technicians only have a certain amount of time to complete each load-in and have the show ready to go.

“We normally start our events on a Monday, so we load-in on a Sunday morning about 8am and end around 10pm at night,” explained Petersheim. “The next morning, we start back around 8am with sound checks, and then have our first show at 7pm with doors opening at 6:15pm. Each production travels with a lighting director, video director, audio engineer, and a production director as well. Since our staff technicians have multiple event responsibilities outside of the technical production, it’s also great to also have the support of the Elite Multimedia technicians who come in to help set-up each event.”

As show time approaches, the worship environment for the Student Life Beach Camps becomes a delicate balance between excitement and diversion. Wanting the message to be the most powerful element to each service, Petersheim strives to create a cohesive worship design.

“The most important thing for us is to be able to create an environment where people can worship without distraction,” admitted Petersheim. “We don’t want the production equipment to be the main focus. We want it to be an environment where students can come out of a world filled with distraction and be totally focused on encountering God. On the first night of each event, we do like to build energy through the production design so the students can get excited about being there, but then we bring it back a bit and really allow them to focus on the message of the music and speakers.”

With her first year as technical producer for Student Life Beach Camps now behind her, Petersheim was thrilled with the success of each event. Knowing she wanted a production partner who could support with both the right technology and expertise, she found it all with Elite Multimedia Productions.

“It was great to work with Elite Multimedia because we were able to bring them an idea that we had sketched out, and they helped create exactly what we were looking for in each design,” concluded Petersheim. “They really go above and beyond to make your vision come to life in a production rig, and it was great to step into a room and see that our ideas had become a reality. They definitely went the extra mile.”

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Elite Multimedia Productions is a one-stop shop for all things entertainment, specializing in concert touring, live event production and production gear rental. Offering full-service audio/visual production, video production, and live event lighting and LED, they provide the most comprehensive production support and services at the highest quality to clients across the world. No matter the size of the event, their passion for helping create unforgettable experiences is what sets them apart. With a combined 85 years of industry experience, their team of dedicated professionals knows how to pair the right technology with your vision, and their passion to innovate knows no bounds. For more information on how Elite Multimedia Productions is the right partner for you, visit www.elitemultimedia.com, follow on Twitter at @EliteMultimedia or find on Facebook and Instagram.