Elite Multimedia brings LED video to the Young Living National Conference

Nashville-based production provider supports the Cornerstone AV production design with PixelFLEX LED video inside the Rice-Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah

Nashville, September 11th, 2017 – As a full-service production company with the ability to design an immersive attendee experience, Cornerstone AV prides itself on allowing their imagination to be the driving force behind their designs. Known for developing the ideal technological backbone for any event, Cornerstone was once again brought on board to create the production design behind the annual Young Living Essential Oils National Conference. With the production moving outdoors this year to the Rice-Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah, the design team wanted to maintain that sense of audience immersion so they developed a complete LED video experience with the assistance of production partner Elite Multimedia.

“This event is normally held each year at the Vivint Center, but since it was currently being remodeled, the producers decided to move the event outdoors to Rice-Eccles Stadium,” began Chad Fraughton, Cornerstone AV Vice President/Executive Producer. “During the booking process, we learned that we would be sharing some close dates with the Nitro Circus tour and we would have to be creative with our production design in order to accomplish a bit of concealment of their large ramps. To do this, we decided to go with a mega-structure creation of arches on both stage left and right flanking a large centerstage area. When we presented the idea to the executive staff at Young Living, they loved it and it really made the event feel bigger than life.”

Getting started on the layout of the design, Fraughton wanted to make sure to fill as much of the large stadium as possible. By using a design with two 120-foot arches, each supporting a 60-foot wide and 18-foot tall LED video screen, the production would essentially reach end zone-to-end zone giving Young Living a massive canvas to build their brand.

“When we started conceptualizing the general look, our client Brittani Lambert had very specific creative goals for the convention; deemed as the largest networking show in Utah’s history,” continued Fraughton. “It needed to be powerful, awe inspiring, and live up to its reputation. We felt like having the vertical LED video screens on the centerstage, along with the high-definition IMAG on the outside larger screens, would really help showcase her vision through crisp and clear imagery, and give them the production elements needed to really convey their message.”

Turning their attention to implementing the technology in the design, Fraughton worked with Nashville-based production provider Elite Multimedia to identify the perfect LED video solution. Understanding the need for ease of installation, product durability in the Utah weather, plus exception performance, Elite Multimedia provided PixelFLEX FLEXCurtain HD 6.25mm LED for the centerstage, and FLEXLite Plus 8.9mm LED for the outside arches.

Fraughton explained further, “During the install, we really had to pay special attention to the swinging angles of the cranes while bringing the 120-foot arches into the area with sometimes with as little as 6-inches of clearance. Additionally, for two of the days during load-in, we had winds that were exceeding 40mph with some really weird vortexes created in the Stadium itself, plus we had a bit of rain at one time too. To make the design come together in time we all had to rally together and the products needed to be reliable. Overall the team functioned exactly the way we needed, and the PixelFLEX LED displays worked flawlessly.”

With the event drawing closer, it was time start loading the Young Living content onto the LED displays. As they were provided the elements by the event producers, the number of video assets began to add up, the Cornerstone team once again worked with Elite Multimedia to implement the Young Living experience.

“In the production design, there were over 600 unique video rolls to run through the media servers so that was obviously a big project,” added Fraughton. “We dedicated two gentlemen from our staff to work exclusively with the team from Elite Multimedia to develop the masks so that we could create exactly what they needed. Everyone really did a great job of making it perfect, and that was a big reason why the audience connected so well and felt submerged in the environment.”

Now ready for the Young Living National Conference to begin, the program would run for three nights with a closing headlining performance by Carrie Underwood. Needing a production design that could also incorporate the video elements of the Grammy Award-winner, the PixelFLEX LED video technology easily meet the challenge.

“The feedback we received from our client was amazing,” admitted Fraughton. “They felt that the event was big and bold and it also worked great for Carrie Underwood. The video setup was very similar to what she was touring with so from a media content standpoint, it met all her rider requirements, and the audience really connected with the show.”

With the Young Living National Conference now drawing to a close, Fraughton and the team at Cornerstone AV were once again able to maximize the imagination behind their client’s aspirations. Knowing that it takes a lot of teamwork and dedication to bring success to any production design, Fraughton is confident that it was the production partnerships behind this event that truly mattered.

“Having great relationships and being able to work and rely on your production partners, is really what makes or breaks a show,” concluded Fraughton. “When we got met with the weather and logistics obstacles, we developed a strong game plan and everyone stayed focused on what was in front on them. Brian Eastmond, Cori Lynn Blaisdell, Josh Kelshaw, Mike Frogg, and both teams at Cornerstone AV and Young Living came together to make this an amazing show, and our partnership with Elite Multimedia was another factor in the success. Like us, they never give up, and whatever it takes, they make it happen.”

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