Shana Devine Elite Multimedia Productions on Corporate Events Podcast

Corporate Event Technology: Past, Present, and Future

When done right, live technology at live events can make a jaw-dropping impact on an audience. But first, it’s got to work. On this episode of the Pro AV Podcast, host Tyler Kern sat down with two experts in the industry — Shana Devine, director of sales at Elite Multimedia, and David Venus, CMO of PixelFlex — to discuss strategies and best practices for live technology at events.

“Our industry has really exploded in the past decade,” Venus said. “Even seeing the technology advance from 2008 to today is just night and day. It’s intriguing to see how our industry has made advances with phenomenal technology manufacturers.”
Putting that technology on display means wowing more than the live crowd.
“With social media, everyone is putting everything out in that cyberspace area,” Devine said. “There’s one-upmanship. Every event needs to have that memorable effect. It needs to be bigger, better, and brighter.”

David Venus Elite Multimedia Productions Corporate Event Podcast Quote

Devine argued, though, that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to have a huge supporting budget. A really good idea or good theme is the only prerequisite.
Venus agreed. “A great production partner for a trade show can really make honestly anything happen,” he said.