Lights, Camera, Elite: A Showstopping Event for Censis Technologies

With Elite Multimedia on their team, Censis Technologies elevated their annual users conference to a class of its own. Placing their trust in Elite’s experienced professionals, Censis produced a slick, high-tech, and highly popular conference all while staying on budget, elevating their brand, and boosting attendee engagement.  

As host of the longest-running conference in their industry, medical software company Censis Technologies was no stranger to planning large-scale events. Having worked with contract laborers who simply took orders instead of improving the show wholistically, Censis knew they needed a more hands-on approach. They were also expecting a larger crowd than in previous years—100+ new attendees ended up attending—motivating them to elevate the show’s production level even further.  

Elite Multimedia provided exactly what Censis needed: a dedicated and experienced team who worked alongside them as a partner, guide, and facilitator. Elite took the time to train conference staff on how to use the equipment, giving them both the confidence and technical know-how they needed to make their presentations pop. Elite was then able to take Censis’s concept drawings and plans to potential sponsors to communicate the grandeur of the final product, allowing Censis to raise $20k in sponsorship and exhibition spending. The boost in budget was a major factor in upping production levels and helping Censis bring their vision to life.  

As with any event, the budget was a top priority. Elite understood the importance of keeping things within budget, communicating with Censis about equipment and labor cost at every step and distributing their hours efficiently. Equipped with over 15 years in the AV space, Elite understands how long it takes to set up, test, execute, and tear down an event. This made for a quick and cost-effective setup, allowing staff members to ditch production headaches and focus instead on increasing the show’s impact.  

The choice to partner with Elite paid off. The conference drew considerable crowds to its live sessions, networking events, and continuing education courses. Elite supplied the equipment, experience, and production level Censis needed for a next-level attendee experience, as evidenced by a rating of 80% of attendees surveyed recommending the event and planning to return. 

Thanks to Elite’s 360-degree services and care, expertise, and continued advisory services, Censis was empowered to put on their most successful conference to date, helping this software company stay as cutting-edge as the surgeons who use its services. 

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