Elite Multimedia brings the grid-iron to the studio with Monday Night Football


Nashville-based production provider supports the highly-integrated production design created by HABANA Avenue’s Managing Director and Founder Steven J. Levy

Nashville, 10/30/2017 – In the world of sports entertainment, there are few productions as iconic as Monday Night Football.  Broadcast weekly on ESPN during the NFL season to viewers around the world, the televised intro must bring fans into the game with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Wanting to create a unique on-air experience for the latest intro that could combine both the on-field action and in-studio energy, longtime partner HABANA Avenue designed a cutting-edge environment with lighting and LED video supplied by Elite Multimedia.   Read more

Choosing a Production Company for Your Next Event


Do you want your events to be successful—or memorable? That’s a trick question! The fact is, you want it to be both. If all your lights, sound, and video go off without a hitch, but the event production as a whole wasn’t memorable, then how successful were you, really? Nor should we forget that one way an event can be memorable is to have several things go wrong. The last thing you want is to be remembered as the people who screwed up the event production. What everyone wants is to create a completely successful, completely memorable experience. Read more

Advice from a Pro: Concert Vs. Event Lighting


Meet Jason “Cannonball” Jenkins

Cannonball Jenkins is Director of Operations for Elite Multimedia Productions. He provides touring and event support, including special events, product launches, and corporate theatre. He runs the day-to-day operations for audio, video, and lighting, manages logistics, people, and equipment, and oversees full production design. Cannonball’s attention to detail and holistic approach means, whether you are putting on a concert or a corporate event, the entire production will exceed your expectations. So, when we wanted to get some advice on the differences between concert and corporate event lighting, he’s who we went to see. Read more

Elite Multimedia brings LED video to the Young Living National Conference


Nashville-based production provider supports the Cornerstone AV production design with PixelFLEX LED video inside the Rice-Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah

Nashville, September 11th, 2017 – As a full-service production company with the ability to design an immersive attendee experience, Cornerstone AV prides itself on allowing their imagination to be the driving force behind their designs. Known for developing the ideal technological backbone for any event, Cornerstone was once again brought on board to create the production design behind the annual Young Living Essential Oils National Conference. Read more

9 Must-Have Apps for AV Professionals


Apps on our smart phones and tablets have made life easier, both professionally and personally. For audio visual (AV) professionals, a lot of factors affect installations and setups. Some valuable apps on your smart phone can help ensure your setup goes off without a hitch. But with millions of apps available for mobile devices, how do you choose? Read more

A Little Lighting Advice on Lighting Your Event


You cannot have a truly successful event without proper lighting. Lighting can create the ideal ambiance, making your space intimate and inviting, or open and inclusive. It can define the features of a space, or focus on the principal elements of a room. The last thing you want is to leave key areas or leading subjects in the dark, so providing the optimum lighting for your specific event is imperative.

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Invaluable Advice from AV Pros to AV Newbies


When it comes to career advancement, there’s no better way to learn what’s what than by listening to the people who’ve gone before. It’s specifically beneficial to hear what professionals in your own field have to say because they’ve been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale. Today, we want to offer newer AV professionals some insights from long-standing experts who’ve worked in the field for years—some even decades.

Read on for some excellent advice on how to survive—and thrive—in today’s AV industry.

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4 Reasons to Include Video at Your Next Event


When it comes to marketing—and driving meaningful engagement—nothing succeeds like a well-produced event. And while it may seem like the impact of an event hinges on the size of its budget, this isn’t necessarily the case. What matters most is how the budget is deployed, and Read more

Get the Rig Up: Wisdom On Collaboration Between Local Stage Crews and Road Dogs


The life of a stage hand is a blurry dance of revolving performers, rigging, and tight deadlines. Putting on a high-quality gig requires collaboration between the local stage crew and the incoming tour crew. These two platoons are playing a perpetual game of Speed Dating. Read more

Elite Multimedia joins a weekend of empowerment at X. WKND


Nashville-based production provider works with Jake Brantley and Chris Kulow to provide a complete production design for the educational worship conference

Nashville, 6/20/2017 – LifeWay Christian Resources provides over 360 different weeks of student ministry camps each year from Florida to California. In preparation for those camps, LifeWay brought together the camp leaders for a weekend of empowerment and training. For the 2017 X. WKND, production designer Jake Brantley and lighting director Chris Kulow were asked to create an engaging worship environment to heighten the passion behind the ministry, and they did so using a complete lighting, LED video and audio system from live event provider Elite Multimedia. Read more