Elite Multimedia Productions hits big on “Poision the Parish” with Seether


Nashville-based production provider works with designer Kenny Mason to develop a custom, hard-hitting lighting and LED video design for the multiplatinum artists tour

Nashville, TN (9/6/2018) – Known for their live performances filled with heavy-hitting melodies and a powerful atmosphere, multi-platinum artists Seether recently released their seventh studio album, “Poison the Parish”. As a reminder to the band’s commitment to creating relevant and modern music, they now prepared to launch their latest nationwide tour. Needing a tour design that could be adaptable to a variety of venues along the way, designer Kenny Mason worked with the Nashville production provider Elite Multimedia Productions who supplied a custom rig of lighting and LED video.

“I’ve worked with the tour manager for Seether on-and-off for about five years now, but this was my first tour with the band,” began Mason. “For the production, we knew we would be hitting a lot of club and festival shows, so the initial concept was to have something that could roll in-and-out with minimal load-in time. We wanted to make it look bigger than what you would expect from the amount of gear we would be traveling with, so I tried to make the biggest rock show possible with a small footprint.”

As work began on the production design, Mason met with the band to discuss the elements they would like to see in the show. Wanting to have a memorable impact on their fans out on the road, the team decided they would create a deep visual experience at each stop along the way.

“One of the initial requests of the band was that they wanted to use LED video in the design,” continued Mason. “In the show, we use zero front light, so the LED video would enable us to add a dynamic visual element to give the audience a little something extra. The band had never toured with video of their own before, so they were excited to try it out, and they loved it.”

Looking at the lighting design for the show, Mason had a clear concept of how all the elements would come together. By focusing on the right lighting solution for each location, he was able to fill the rig with exactly what he needed.

“When I envisioned the lighting, I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like and what job I wanted each fixture to do,” added Mason. “Harry and I then sat down and went through their inventory and picked out fixtures that would fit both the physical profile needed and give us the looks we were going for. I knew we needed a lot of sources, so the rig was really built around the ACL 360i luminaires because they are small and pack a punch. It’s a workhorse for its size.”

With the production gear selected, the challenge of how the design would travel and deploy still needed to be addressed. As each venue presents its own unique challenges for the technical crew, the expansive inventory of set carts at Elite Multimedia Productions allowed Mason to custom-fit an affordable, touring solution.

“During the design process, we knew we would either do truss lighting uprights next to LED video, or we would go with custom set carts that had lighting and video elements included,” explained Mason. “When I reached out to Harry Shaub at Elite Multimedia, he mentioned that they probably already had a solution in stock that would keep us from having to absorb a large amount of fabrication costs. After we started looking at all their carts, we figured out that we could do just a little bit of fabrication and have the tour aesthetic we wanted.”

Ready to launch the “Poison in Parish” tour with dates scheduled nationwide, it was time for the new production design to demonstrate what it could do. Knowing that the band would be ready to give their fans a true rock show night-after-night, the design needed to do the same.

“As a band, Seether really rocks hard, and I think that we complement that and rock just as hard on the production side,” said Mason. “Playing these types of club tours, we run into a few places where we may have limited space, but we’ve created a rig that easily adapts and still gets most out of the design. Being the only touring tech on lighting and video out on the road, I can’t ask for much more than that.”

In a touring environment, there is always an abundance of challenges that will define a tours success. In these times, it is often the partnership created with a tour provider that will be a very valuable asset behind the scenes.

“There are a lot of places out there that claim to be turnkey, but Elite Multimedia Productions has staffed themselves with professionals that really are experts,” concluded Mason. “Going that direction, you have a bunch of people that really know their craft, and when you start looking at the challenges of a tour design, they have real-world touring solutions. For me, it’s all about having a partner that’s been on the road and has the answers to any problems I may run into along the way.”

Elite Multimedia Productions is a privately-owned, leading supplier of the most up-to-date audio, video and lighting technologies. With a combined 85 years of industry experience, our team of dedicated professionals knows how to pair the right technology with your vision whether partnering with you in a rental, systems installation, or sales relationship. With an unconditional desire to make your production or project a complete success, our passion and knowledge to innovate knows no bounds. For more information on how Elite Multimedia Productions is the right partner for you, visit www.elitemultimedia.com, follow us on Twitter at @EliteMultimedia or find us on Facebook or Instagram.


Elite Multimedia Productions takes LED into the stage with Cornerstone Technologies

YL-Press Photo

Co-Founder and Executive Producer Chad Fraughton works with Nashville-based production provider to develop a unique video experience at the 2018 Young Living International Convention  

Nashville, TN (8/27/2018) – Thirty-thousand attendees. Three thousand unique video looks. One breathtaking LED stage design. All helped write the story of the Young Living 2018 International Grand Convention.

Previous iterations of the Young Living event relied on projection mapping with LED accents to bring an arena stage to life. In 2018, its production company ditched the projectors in favor of a custom, visually stunning and all-LED buildout – to incredible results.

A worldwide marketer of life-changing products infused with the benefits of essential oils, Young Living in 2018 brought together more than 30,000 passionate members from around the world for what has become its annual high-energy and dynamic celebration filled with inspirational speakers and live entertainment.

Needing a show foundation that could deliver a one-of-a-kind attendee experience, Young Living’s events team once again collaborated with the design specialists at Cornerstone Technologies, who created a custom LED stage floor, with video supplied by Elite Multimedia Productions.

“We’ve worked with Young Living on their International Conference for the last 10 years consecutively and we have been involved with their organization for almost 13 years in total,” said Chad Fraughton, Cornerstone co-founder and executive producer for the Young Living event. “In years prior at [Salt Lake City’s] Vivint Smart Home Arena, we had always relied on projection mapping for the stage with LED video elements complementing the design. This year, rather than do a hybrid of image mapping and LED, we wanted to develop a completely custom and cutting-edge design worthy of the production.”

Knowing they wanted to take the event design in a new direction for the 2018 convention, Fraughton and the team at Cornerstone began to conceptualize how this could be done. In a production with a multitude of different video elements, providing a unique system to display crisp and clear imagery was a high priority.

“We really wanted to start the design with strong imagery on the stage floor so that attendees could have a more intimate feeling in the arena setting and be more connected to the media and the presenters,” continued Fraughton. “The idea for the LED video floor started around some of the more hybrid designs that we had done in years past, and with just under 3,000 unique video looks in the show, we needed strong visual content that would allow the messaging to drive the design.”

With the idea of placing LED video directly onto the stage floor now moving forward, the physical layout of the video surfaces needed to be finalized. Remaining dedicated to providing a design that was truly one-of-a-kind, Cornerstone developed a series of circular video surfaces which would be placed across the stage.

“The mainstage was comprised of a 50-foot LED video circle and then the surrounding areas included 30-foot, 20-foot, 15-foot, and 10-foot video circles as well,” explained Fraughton. “To do this, we created circular stages that provided the foundation and once we had the foundation in place, our scenic department built square frames used to attach the LED video panels. We then we did a white marley cut-out that masked each of the video areas, which allowed us to illuminate the stage from above.”

When it came time to actually install the design, Cornerstone knew that a smooth and efficient load-in would be crucial to the event’s success. With time not on its side, the team at Cornerstone took a bit of inspiration from the concert touring industry so that it could quickly install and begin programming for the show.

“We basically had 72 hours to load-in, tech the design, and be ready for show,” said Fraughton. “It was pretty fast and furious, so we had a lot of our systems built around the idea of a touring design and ready to be a plug-and-play solution. Creatively, we treated the design mask as one giant image and then programmed the circular images within the mask. With the aggressive nature of the content we were trying to display, this really gave us a greater ability to manage the time and resources to be more effective with what we were looking to deliver.”

It was imperative for all of the technical solutions Cornerstone employed to work in concert  for a cohesive result. With the video being placed directly on the stage floor, the performance of the LED panels provided by Elite Multimedia Productions were put to the test.

“LED video was definitely the right choice for this application as it was able to stand up to the 125 3000K moving lights that we had flown in the rig,” added Fraughton. “Being in an arena setting also meant there was also a lot of ambient light. The power of the FLEXLite Plus provided the ability to place the video elements into the stage floor and still give us the visual impact we originally envisioned.”

As the 2018 Young Living International Convention kicked off with a split general session for approximately 30,000 attendees, Fraughton was eager to gauge the audience response to the LED stage design. Knowing the amount of work it took from everyone involved on the project, he was happy to hear the glowing responses from both attendees and technicians.

“The comments that were most overwhelming from the attendees and the technical support staff were that this was one of the most elegant stage designs they’d ever seen,” concluded Fraughton. “It was beautiful and polished, and almost looked like it was on an acrylic extrusion with beautiful lines. When you look at big shows like this, and you understand the dynamic of what all is involved, having reliable products and technicians like those at Elite Multimedia Productions is critical to the demands of the show, and the final product was truly beautiful and refined.”

Elite Multimedia Productions is a privately-owned, leading supplier of the most up-to-date audio, video and lighting technologies. With a combined 85 years of industry experience, our team of dedicated professionals knows how to pair the right technology with your vision whether partnering with you in a rental, systems installation, or sales relationship. With an unconditional desire to make your production or project a complete success, our passion and knowledge to innovate knows no bounds. For more information on how Elite Multimedia Productions is the right partner for you, visit www.elitemultimedia.com, follow us on Twitter at @EliteMultimedia or find us on Facebook or Instagram.

Elite Multimedia Productions at a CMT Block Party with Living Color Events


Nashville-based production provider works with LA-based event producer to create two audio and lighting designs for the kick-off festivities of the 2018 CMT Music Awards

Nashville, TN (8/20/2018) – Highlighted as the ultimate downtown block party, the CMT Bar-S Block Party helped kick-off the festivities for the 2018 CMT Music Awards in Nashville. Held this year outside the Schermerhorn Symphony Center just one day after the CMT Pedigree Paws & Play Festival, the events featured live performances from country music artists and a host of other family-friendly activities. Overseeing the planning and execution of both events, Los Angeles-based Living Color Events and their Nashville partner Von Parish Productions needed a trusted provider to assist with the creation of two festival production designs, so they worked with Elite Multimedia Productions who provided the onsite audio and lighting support.

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Elite Multimedia Productions joins the broadcast for the K-LOVE Fan Awards

Klove FI-PPress

Nashville-based production provider works with Go Live Productions to create a fully automated LED video design for the 2018 awards ceremony on TBN

Nashville, TN (7/16/2018) – Held annually at the Grand Ole Opry House, the K-LOVE Fan Awards creates a unique fan experience that celebrates the powerful impact of Christian entertainment. With a rich history of gathering together the most engaging Christian artists and speakers, the producers of the 2018 awards ceremony decided to broadcast the show for the first time on the Trinity Broadcast Network. Requiring a trusted partner to lead the team behind the scenes, Go Live Productions was brought on board to oversee the show direction and production design, including an automated LED video design from Elite Multimedia Productions. Read more

Elite Multimedia shows “What Makes You Country” on the Luke Bryan tour


Nashville-based production provider works with designer Justin Kitchenman, Align Design Group, providing a rig of lighting, LED video and IMAG video for the new 2018 tour

Nashville, TN (7/9/2018) – As the quintessential country music superstar, Luke Bryan has created 20 No. 1 singles, sold over 12 million albums, and is one of the most popular touring artists today. Routinely playing to sold-out houses around the world, the artist and his design team at Align Design Group are often challenged to give each tour its own unique look and feel. In planning for the 2018 “What Makes You Country Tour”, lead designer Justin Kitchenman wanted to create a more free-flowing visual experience, so he called the Nashville-based production provider Elite Multimedia Productions who supplied the lighting, LED video and IMAG video technology behind the design.

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Elite Multimedia Productions enjoys a California Sunrise with Jon Pardi and KYVA Design


Nashville-based production provider assists the design team of Chris Reade and Jay Ballinger with the 2018 tour of the ACM and CMA award-winning artist

Nashville, TN (6/21/2018) – Bred in the heart of the West Coast honky tonks, ACM and CMA award-winner Jon Pardi has already recorded eight chart-topping singles in his young career. Having toured with such artists as Dierks Bentley, Alan Jackson and Luke Bryan, Pardi is quickly becoming one of the hottest stars in country music today. Needing a production design that would be able to handle a variety of stages for his 2018 tour in support of his latest album California Sunrise, Pardi worked with the creative team at KYVA Design with lighting and LED video tour support provided by Elite Multimedia Productions.

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Elite Multimedia Forms a Cohesive Worship Experience for X. WKND


Nashville-based production provider works with production designer Jake Brantley to help create an in-the-round evening of worship with LifeWay Students                

Nashville, TN (6/18/2018) – As part of LifeWay Christian Resources, LifeWay Students is dedicated to providing the tools necessary for an exciting and rewarding student ministry. With a series of summer camps that travel across the nation, the annual X. WKND kick-off event is an opportunity for all the summer camp staff members to come together as one before heading out on the road. Held inside the Shocco Springs Conference Center, production designer Jake Brantley wanted to give the 2018 event a unique, in-the-round, worship experience, so he worked with Elite Multimedia Productions who provided a full rig of audio, lighting and LED video.

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Elite Multimedia goes heavy-duty with the Hino Trucks XL Series launch


Nashville-based production provider creates a historic tradeshow production design for the debut of the new Class 8 trucking solutions inside The Work Truck Show 2018

Nashville, TN (6/12/2018) – Drawing a record crowd of over 13,500 industry professionals, The Work Truck Show® 2018 was the largest event in the history of the NTEA. Held inside the Indiana Convention Center, the event saw an unprecedented number of vehicle launches, including the much-anticipated launch of the new XL Series from Hino Trucks USA. Desiring a dynamic and exciting tradeshow environment worthy of their inaugural Class 8 heavy-duty trucking solutions, they enlisted the assistance of production provider Elite Multimedia who created a momentous LED video, lighting and audio design.

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Elite Multimedia feels “Young Forever” out on the road with Eric Paslay


Nashville-based production provider works with lighting designer and programmer Mike Marcario and production manager Norwood Wood on the 2018 tour redesign       

Nashville, TN (5/24/2018) – As a Platinum-selling songwriter and recent GRAMMY and ACM Award nominee, Eric Paslay has celebrated five No. 1 hits while also making a name for himself as a dynamic performer. With the debut of his latest single Young Forever and the launch of his 2018 tour, Paslay wanted to create a new experience for his fans out on the road. Once again working with lighting designer and programmer Mike Marcario and production manager Norwood Wood, the creative team needed a trusted tour provider for the updated lighting rig, and they turned to Nashville-based Elite Multimedia. Read more

Elite Multimedia hears the “Echoes of Worship” with Matt Maher


Nashville-based production provider works with production manager Chris Damiano to create an adaptable yet powerful audio rig for the popular Contemporary Christian Music artist        

Nashville, TN (5/14/2018) – As one of today’s most popular Contemporary Christian Music artists, Matt Maher has been nominated for nine Grammy Awards, and was named “Songwriter of the Year” by the GMA Dove Awards. With the release of his latest album, 2017’s Echoes, Maher recently set out on the “Echoes of Worship Tour” with dates scheduled across North America. Needing an audio design that could travel easily and adjust to any worship environment, production manager Chris Damiano worked with production provider Elite Multimedia who supplied an adaptable audio rig with DiGiCo and L-Acoustics.

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