9 Must-Have Apps for AV Professionals

Apps on our smart phones and tablets have made life easier, both professionally and personally. For audio visual (AV) professionals, a lot of factors affect installations and setups. Some valuable apps on your smart phone can help ensure your setup goes off without a hitch. But with millions of apps available for mobile devices, how do you choose? Elite Multimedia recently asked our expert staff to recommend some great apps for both Apple and Android that every AV professional must have. We’re glad to share some of our favorites that make AV setup easier and more convenient.


There are so many different features that can make or break your audio installation. Having an app on hand to test everything can be a real life saver.


Signal Generator

This easy-to-use app is an audio signal generator that turns your phone into a white and pink noise machine or sine wave generator. Test the bandwidth of your phone, speakers, or even your ears and create true uncorrelated noise.


Available for Android




AudioTools provides a suite of acoustic apps including an SPL analog sound level meter,

RTA octave and 1/3 octave spectral analysis, and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis for extremely detailed acoustics work. AudioTools allows you to set the amplifier output level, check loudspeaker sensitivity, measure time delay from a speaker, calculate minimum spacing requirements for microphones, monitor the microphone input in the headphones, and much, much more.


Available for Apple devices only

Audio tools: $19.99; Additional features available for purchase in app


Watts Amps Volts Calculator

This is an app for Android devices based on an advanced ohms law for electricians and electrical engineers. Carry out fast and accurate calculations in the field, converting to or from watts, amps, volts, or power factor whether single or three phase.


Available for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Cost: $.99



Pixel Perfect Pro

Get the specifications for assembled LED video walls by using the information stored in an extensive database. Vendors can add LED tiles by using this interactive website, keeping it constantly up-to-date.


Available for Apple products only

Cost: Free



Lighting is an essential element for any AV project. With the right app, you can determine what lighting works best for your installation.


Cine Meter

Cine Meter turns your device into a cine-style shutter-priority reflected light meter, an RGB waveform monitor, or a false-color picture monitor. Cine Meter works on any iDevice with a camera running iOS 6 or higher.


Available for Apple products only.




This app assists lighting techs with quickly and easily setting up DIP switches on lighting devices. Simply enter the DMX address of the given fixture and DipSwitch will provide the correct DIP switch settings.


Available for Apple devices.




If you are doing any kind of setup or event that happens outside, weather is going to be a factor. This app ensures your equipment and you stay safe.



RadarScope is professional grade weather radar for the layman, meaning you don’t have to be a meteorologist to understand it. If you’re executing an AV setup outdoors, this is a must have app.


Available for Android and iPhone.

Cost: $9.99




It’s always great to have extra tools for measurements. Instead of carrying around a tape measure, use an app instead!

DeWALT Mobile Pro

This easy to use app is perfect for measurement conversions from Metric to English or vice versa. It also offers a suite of integrated reference materials including help, examples, illustrations, and more.


Available for Android and iPhone.



The Complete AV App

In case you just want one tool to help with audio, visual, and lighting, there’s an app for that, too.


AV Tools

This app is simple but contains a lot of features. It has audio tools that help with delay, tone, conversions, and more. Video features include aspect ratio and projection distance calculators. It even has a power-voltage-current calculator.

Available for Android devices.



Elite Multimedia is your AV partner. We want you to succeed so your event goes off just as you planned. But because life happens, it’s always great to have some helpful apps on your mobile device. To help out our AV friends, we created this list of great apps that we recommend.

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