4 Reasons to Include Video at Your Next Event

When it comes to marketing—and driving meaningful engagement—nothing succeeds like a well-produced event. And while it may seem like the impact of an event hinges on the size of its budget, this isn’t necessarily the case. What matters most is how the budget is deployed, and operations looking to maximize the value of each dollar need look no further than to video content. Video gets a huge bang out of every buck. It grabs people’s attention like nothing else, making video an effective medium for communication and entertaining. It also provides animation and life to static ideas, helping to connect audience members with storytelling.

Here are four reasons to include video production at your next event:

  • Enhance the Professionalism of a Presentation: Slide decks and still images are seen as amateurish in an age of digital technology. These days, audiences associate video with high quality. The good news is a lot of money doesn’t have to be spent on a video package that looks great and delivers the intended message.
  • Prioritize Shareability: After showcasing a video at an event, it can then be easily shared over social media, blogs, or YouTube for those not in attendance, helping capture an even wider audience. Your video message is evergreen and can be delivered all across the globe via the internet.
  • Start the Conversation: Video gives people something to talk about. Your audience members will instantly be able to start discussing what they just witnessed, creating a dialogue they can continue even after the event has ended.
  • Evoke Emotion: While people may forget technical specifications or statistics, they seldom forget the way they felt when absorbing a message. Video can excite event attendees, thrill them, and heighten their anticipation for what is to come.

The dollars allocated to hire a speaker or a talking head can better be used by producing rich video content. Video works best when it complements the event goals, connecting your message with viewers through well-crafted storytelling. Plus, video doesn’t have to be long to be successful. A finely-edited, smoothly paced video with a runtime close to two minutes is all that is necessary to be a hit with an audience.

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